30 day challenge: day one

Day one’s Prompt: A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself


me and my son Brennan

1- I have a Huge Family. My dad was 1 of 16 kids and my mom 1 of 3. I haven’t Counted in a while but I would estimate i have about 75 first cousins. I was only 1 of 4 thank goodness 🙂

2- I have the worst patience. Ask my husband all about it, he knows very well!

3- My biggest fear is fire. When i was little a hotel i stayed at caught on fire and ever since I’ve been afraid.

4- My biggest celebrity crush is Jason Aldean. He is an amazing country singer!

5- Alot of people don’t know this but i met my husband on an online dating website(okcupid.com) to be exact. My friend joined and met some cute guys so for fun i joined and got lucky and met my amazing husband 🙂

6- I tend to be very shy in person. It takes awhile for me to warm up to most people. i’m so much more comfortable behind a computer.

7- I am a hypochondriac. I use WebMd wayyy too much every time i have the littlest pain and convince myself i have cancer,pneumonia etc..

8- I typically find things funny that are more cheesy or sarcastic. I usually find myself the only one laughing sometimes.

9- My cholesterol is probably through  the roof since i put butter and salt on almost everything!! I also eat Ramen Noodles like they are going out of business which are loaded with sodium.

10- I love making things. I am on Pinterest and am obsessed with it!! I hope to open up a shop someday with homemade creations

11- When i was little i wanted so badly to be a singer(i somehow lost the ability to sing well as i got older) however i have the worst stage fright and hate being in large crowds of people.

12- I love everything about traveling and exploring other cultures and customs. I haven’t done much lately since it gets tough once you have kids.

13- I am a very picky eater. Another thing people find weird is that since i’m from the Cape they assume i should Love seafood which is not true at all. I hate the texture and smell. I also don’t eat too much meat.

14- I HATE BUGS. Not just the usual spiders but all bugs….Bees and ticks rank pretty high on the list. My poor husband gets woken up if he falls asleep first and i find a bug on the ceiling …i wake his butt up to kill it.

15- I love going to the beach just not swimming in the ocean.


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